About the Organizer


About The Organizer:

At ITG we know that time is the most valuable asset of organizational managers and leaders. We also know that successful participation in exhibition requires extensive and tight coordination of various groups of professionals. That's why we have brought together the top technical resources from different fields under an experienced and creative management, to ensure the highest level of service, when you need it and the way you want it.


With providing extensive consulting services, we make sure to fully understand your needs, your goals and your priorities, to be able to provide exhibition solutions that meet your needs and can lead you to achieve your targets.


Successful participation in exhibitions requires the participation of specialized professionals from different fields: IT, Stand Design and Construction, Multimedia, Lighting and Advertisement.


Establishing specialized independent companies in different fields has enabled ITG to provide highly professional services to our customers.



In one word ……We at "ITG” can help you from "A to Z”.


Executive Committee Address: ITG Company - No.2 - Nima Dnd. - After Dadman Crossroads - Farahzadi Blvd - Shahrak Gharb , Tehran , Iran

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