It’s our pleasure to announce the start of the registration of The 11th International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (ibex 2017)


Time: 23rd-25th November
Venue: Tehran Int'l Permanent Fairground
Duration: 4days,

New Market,
We all love new markets, it is a blessing that all the embargos on Iran are reducing, and it will soon be over completely, it’s time for all the great companies who produce high quality products to take a moment, and think twice,….. 
With the population of 79000,000, and annual per capita consumption of about 125 kg, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet the strong request of the Iranians, for high quality machinery, as well as technology….. "One just can NOT afford to miss this market”.
We, theITG,have been appointed by the body of the government for the 11th consecutive year, to organize The 11th International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (ibex 2017).



Executive Committee Address: ITG Company - No.2 - Nima Dnd. - After Dadman Crossroads - Farahzadi Blvd - Shahrak Gharb , Tehran , Iran

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