Rules & Regulations




Rules & Regulations:



Participation in this exhibition is effectible according the general rules and regulations of T.P.O. (Trade Promotion Organization), International Exhibition Co. of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Trade Show Organizer hereinafter.


1. Organizer

ITG (Info & Trade Group) : A group of companies consisting of IT, Stand Design & Construct, Multimedia, Lighting and Advertisement Experts and Professionals under an experienced and creative management to ensure the highest level of services in any fields of Exhibition.



2. Exhibitor

Refers to the sole proprietorship or limited company whose application and contract for exhibition booth(s) has been accepted by the organizer



3. Application & Admission


3.01- Application for the participation which also certifies acceptance of these Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors can be made only by means of the completed application form duly endorsed with legally binding signature & company stamp. This application form must be received by Organizer within the specified time limit. The application is legally binding. Terms and reservation added to the application are not permissible.



3.02- The closing date for application is same as declared for each exhibition.


3.03- Receipt of the application will be confirmed by the organizer. The application and written confirmation of receipt do not constitute a right to admission or to a specific size or position of stand. In particular, Organizer can reduce the area applied for, if the available Exhibition area is oversubscribed.


3.04- The applicant will be admitted:



● According the available exhibition area

● Provided requirements in these General Rules and Regulation for Exhibitors and Special Rules and Regulation for the Exhibitors.

● Provided exhibit comply with the general overall range & concept of the joins companies Exhibition.



 3.05- The applications of the companies that have not filled their financial obligations in connection with previous events can be refused.


3.06- The contract between Organizer and Exhibitor is binding upon acceptance of the application and submission of invoice by the Organizer and full payment by the Exhibitor. A plan showing the location and dimensions of the stand will be sent to the Exhibitor after final payment.



3.07- After admission has been granted, Organizer may allocate to the Exhibitor an exhibition space other than the one specified in the application. No liability can be assumed in case that the Organizer is compelled due to the extra-ordinary circumstance beyond its control such as orders by public authorities or instruction by the trade fair or exhibition management to relocate or after individual stands or exits, entrance or gangways.

3.08- After the admission has been granted by Organizer, the registration and resulting financial obligation remain legally binding even if:


● The exhibitor imports wishes are not met or only partially by the responsible authorities.

● The exhibitors do not arrive at all or do not arrive in time for event (for example due to loss, transit or custom delays)

 ● Entry visas for the exhibitor of his representatives are not available in time or have been rejected by Governmental Authorities.


3.09- If the Exhibitor or his representatives do not take over the stand at least three days before the opening of the event, the stand can be disposed. In this case the articles 6.02 & 6.03 of these Rules and Regulation for Exhibitors are applicable.



3.10- Organizer has the right to revoke admission if it was granted on the strength of incorrect information or if the conditions for the admission are no longer applicable.



3.11- Any cancellation or reduction of the booth size will be approved 30 days before the opening date with an optimum reduction of 10%. Since otherwise any requisition after the stated period will be rejected and no payment will be refunded , and any companies whose participation will not take place, the stand will be granted to other companies and no payment will be refunded, and this law is applied to all companies whose registration is administrated within 30 days of the opening date and then cancelled.


3.12- The presence of the exhibitor is mandatory half an hour before the opening time of the show.



3.13- The additional power supply excluded of lights will be settled accordingly.



3.14- The exit of any goods during the trade show is forbidden.


3.15- The exhibitors should empty their booths, within 24 hours after the show. Since otherwise the authorities will proceed the procedure.


3.16- The permission for the Removal of the goods will be issued only upon the presentation of the settlement invoice. Hence the exhibitors who have requested an expansion in their booth are kindly requested to precede the settlement before the end of the show.


4. Sub Contract

Stands are assigned principally as whole unites and to one contracting party only.


5. Terms of Payment



5.01- 100% of the Total charges must be paid at the date of submission of the application.



5.02- The Exhibition is obliged to make the payments and send relevant documents to the Organizer.

5.03- If the day of payment is not observed, the Organizer has a right to dispose the allocated space to other applicants. In this case the deposit will not be returned to the exhibitor. And in case the Organizer is not able to give away the mentioned space, the Exhibitor shall be required to pay entire participation fee.


6. Withdrawal from Contract



6.01- Reduction on the dimension of the booths or canceling the participation at the trade show is possible only 30 days in prior to the inauguration date.

6.02- After the admission, in case the exhibitor fails to occupy the exhibition space allocated to him under any circumstances he shall:


● Pay 20% of participation fee, in case the Organizer is able to allocate applicants in the specified area.

● Pay the entire fee, In case the organizer is not able to allocate new applicants in the specified area.



6.03- Withdrawal by the exhibitor or failure to occupy the exhibition space allocated to him shall become effective only upon receipt of the written deceleration by the Organizer.

All exhibits are to be listed individually in the application. Exhibits involving fire hazard, strongly smelling or those which cause noise during demonstration may be displayed only after prior consent from organizer. Exhibits may not be removed during the exhibition.

7. Transport, Erection and Dismantling of Exhibits and Stand Equipments

The transport of exhibits and the display stand, storage of empty packaging materials, the use of lifting & conveying equipments, packing & unpacking and other related activities are exclusively the responsibility of the Exhibitor. An official forwarding agent can be appointed by Organizer for the handling of all carrier activities. The entrance of any lift trucks and cranes during the trade show is forbidden, hence emergency cases the entrance of the machinery is allowed only by admission of the exhibition authorities and payment of the charges by the exhibitors. The entrance of any lift trucks and cranes during the trade show is forbidden.



8. Customs Guarantee Deceleration


Should an official representative of the exhibitor’s country abroad give a deceleration guaranteeing re-export, then exhibitor is directly liable to the representative abroad if after closure of the event, exhibits are not exported within appreciate time limit and\or not exported in their entirely.


9. Insurance and Liability


9.01- The insurance of exhibits against all risks during transit and during the exhibitions particularly against damages, theft, etc. is only the responsibility of the exhibition.

9.02- The exhibitor is liable for all damages caused to third parties through his participation in the exhibition, including damages to building on the exhibition grounds and installation



10. Reservation


10.01- Regulations and guidelines issued by responsible agencies of the host country that deviate from these rules for the Exhibitors or cause additional limitations shall have priority at all times. The organizers of the trade fair and/or the lesser of the exhibition grounds shall not be liable for damages nor other disadvantages suffered by the exhibition thereby.

10.02- The organizer of the trade show shall be entitled to postpone, shorten, extent or cancel the trade fair or joint exhibition and to close it down temporarily or permanently in part or in whole if unforeseen events such as

Natural disasters, armed conflict, civil unrest, strikes, failure or hindrance of traffic and/or communications link make such measures necessary.



11. General


 11.01- Finishing the stand decoration must be completed 24 hours before the opening of the exhibition.


11.02- The exhibitor wishing to personally construct his/her stand with a special design should deliver the related CD and the design for the approval of the organizer and the IIEC not later than 30 days before the opening day. It is important to mention that only more than 48 hrs will get the construction approval.


11.03- Exhibitor’s banners must be installed within the area of their booth. All kinds of advertisement such as placards‚ wall writing‚ etc outside stand will be subject to organizer’s permission and related charges.




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