Report of IBEX 2016

IBEX 2016 Factsheet

The 10th International Flour and Bakery Industry Exhibition

As one of the most important fairs in Iran, IBEX provides a professional and interactive platform for showcasing quality and creativity from different segment of the industry and a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in the market.


Exhibition Specification:

Type of exhibition: International

Title: 10th International Bakery and Flour Industry

Organizer: Information and Technology Group (ITG)

Time: 6-9 December 2016

Hall Numbers: 35, 38, 38A

Total Indoor Area: 14000 sqm

Indoor Stands Area: 6962 sqm

Number of participated companies: 192


Foreign countries participated: Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Greece , Russia, (theCzech Republic, Switzerland, South Korea, Austria, Poland, Spain, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Lebanon,

Products and services:

Industrial bread producers and related machineries, flour producers and related machineries, yeast and improvers producers, silo producers, laboratory equipment, bakery industry consultant, packaging industry, producers of sweet bread and cake, producers of coffee and additive grains,

producers of clothing related, producers of related decorative products, related organizations and unions…


The 10th IBEX, based on its successful reputation, had many specific exhibitors and visitors:



As other exhibitions had been held on the same date, in Tehran international fairground, this is Ibex’s share of visit:



And as the exhibition moved forward the number of visitors grew, based on our analysis outdoor advertisements and positive feedback of visitors were the main causes.



Visitors from countries around the world like: Russia, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, China, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Oman and Tajikistan…




Exhibitors from Iran and other countries:


Executive Committee Address: ITG Company - No.2 - Nima Dnd. - After Dadman Crossroads - Farahzadi Blvd - Shahrak Gharb , Tehran , Iran

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