The 12th International Grain, Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition

The Goals are:
1: Acculturate and correction of the flour and bread production and consumption.
2: Increasing the trade and investment activities in grain, flour and bakery industry in support of construction and development of domestic industrial units.
3: An organized movement in private sector of the production and supply chain of raw materials for bread production.
4: Providing an environment for domestic companies to present their maximum capacity & capabilities of the field of grain, flour & bakery industry.
5: Creating a platform to interact & cooperation in grain, flour & bakery industries
1: Standardization in manufacturing and trading activities, in the field of flour and bakery industry.
2: Standards observation on bread production process and the machines.
3: In compliance with the principle of independence of machinery associated with production of flour and bread.
Ibex 2019 is a unique event which attracts:
Industrial Bread Producers
Manufacturers of Bakery Machineries & Equipment
Producers and Distributors of Confectionary Equipment 
Flour Producers
Manufacturers of Flour Producing Machineries & Equipment
Yeast and improver Producers
Silo makers
Producers of Related Laboratory Equipment
Producers of Enzymes used in Nutrition Industries
Producers of Related Decoration
Manufacturers of Food Emulsifiers
Manufacturers of Bread Packaging Machineries & Equipment
Producers Of Coffee and Additive Grains
Related Work Clothes Providers 
Flour and Bakery Industry Consultants
Grains Processing Companies
Producers Of Grain
Equipments of implantation, Graining & Harvesting
Producers of Breakfast's Grain 


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